Water Ski Ropes


A good-quality water ski rope is vital to keep you safe and stable while you have fun on the water. Moreover, it helps perform various types of spectacular tricks. Therefore, the following features must be kept in mind when looking for a water ski rope:


Water ski ropes have a standard length of around 70 to 75ft. They are typically made from polypropylene that allows the rope to stretch 2-3% of its length under normal situations.


The lengthening or shortening of a water ski rope from one section to the next is commonly called take-offs. You can take-off these sections to ski close to the boat or add sections to ski further away.

Typically, a ski rope is designed with sections that range from three to seven feet. A one-piece rope is best for beginners, but if you are at a more advanced level, you will need a ski rope that is sectioned as it can be shortened to suit your desired difficulty level. Most water ski ropes come with eight sections; however, you can have less or more depending on your needs. In addition, these sections can be color-coded for ease of use.

Best Ski Ropes

Water skiing is a fun recreation that requires water ski ropes. Here we have reviewed some of the best ski ropes available so that you can make an informed choice.

AIRHEAD ski rope, 1 section

AIRHEAD Ski Rope, Rubber Handle, 1 Section
This rope from AIRHEAD is a good, durable, basic rope designed with a comfortable handle and decent length. This 16-strand 75-foot rope is UV-treated, which protects from sun damage. Its 12-inch aluminum core handle is made from textured and high-density ethylene-vinyl acetate and molded end caps.

The handle floats on the water, which is very convenient for water skiers. Moreover, the soft padded cover on the handle ensures excellent grips for users. This rope is pre-stretched and is available in bright colors. It also comes with a rope keeper that makes storage easy.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Wide and spacious handle that is easy to grip
  • Included rope keeper makes storage easy
  • Good value for the money


  • Some people find the handle too narrow

Obcursco water sport line

Obcursco Wakeboard Rope, Water Sport Line with EVA Handle. Ideal for Water ski, Wakeboard, Kneeboard
The Obcursco water sport line is a versatile rope that is suitable for Kneeboarding, Wakeboarding, and other water sports. This 30-filament, 16-strand rope can provide a maximum tensile force of 2200 lbs. It is designed with a six-inch TPR-covered aluminum handle that provides extra pull and leverage for inverted tricks and spins. In addition, the PVC bridle is fully encased in flexible vinyl to protect the rope against abrasion and wear.


  • 15-inch double density EVA cover
  • Rope keeper for tangle-free storage
  • Ideal for Kneeboard, Wakeboard, and Water ski
  • One-year warranty


  • May fray after a few uses

AIRHEAD Ski Rope with tractor-grip handle

AIRHEAD Ski Rope, Tractor-Grip Handle, 1 Section
This AIRHEAD ski rope is a must for anyone who wants to learn water skiing. Its 12-inch aluminum core handle is designed with molded finger protectors and a performance ‘Tractor’ grip. This 16-strand, UV-treated ski rope comes in an attractive blue and white color. Another convenient feature of this ski rope is the rope keeper, which ensures tangle-free storage.


  • High-quality, one section ski rope
  • Ideal for skiing, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding
  • Durable, UV-treated rope


  • May hurt the hands over time

Airhead 2-Section Tow Ropes

Airhead 2-Section Tow Ropes 1-4 Rider Ropes for Towable Tubes
Engineered to provide superior strength and quality, this Airhead two-section tow rope is suitable for one to four-person towable tubes. Its two sections give the user a choice to tow the tube by 50 or 60 ft. This rope has a tensile strength of 4,150 pounds and also features a corrosion-resistant snap hook. Its pre-stretched and ultraviolet-resistant construction ensures its durability.


  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to spot and floats
  • Easy to attach to boats and towable toys
  • Rope keeper for easy storage and organization


  • Minor fraying issues

SGT KNOTS Water Ski Rope

SGT KNOTS Water Ski Rope with Floating Handle - Lightweight Watersports Rope for Wake Board Tow, Towing Tubes & More
The SGT Knots water ski rope is a multi-purpose, one-section rope that is lightweight and easy to use. Designed with high-quality polypropylene fibers, this durable rope will not fail you on the water. It provides excellent resistance against mold and mildew growth, moisture degradation, and UV rays. The hollow braid construction delivers a product that is flexible and easy to handle. It has a length of 75 feet and a width of ⅜-inches.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Sturdy 12-inch aluminum handle for better grip
  • Versatile rope for all extreme water sports
  • Comes with molded fingertip protectors


  • Only suitable for one skier at a time

Seachoice Water Ski Rope

Seachoice Seachoice 86729 Water Ski Rope, 75 Feet Long, Dual 5-12 Inch Handles with Textured Rubber Grips
For decades, double handle ski ropes have been popular among water skiers who want to learn how to slalom. Its dual 5-½-inch handles have a textured rubber grip for comfort and a precise hold. This bright yellow and black ski rope floats in the water, thus ensuring easy and quick retrieval. The 16-strand, polypropylene, and hollow-braid construction gives this rope durability and strength.


  • Made with high-quality materials that resist rot and mildew
  • Durable and UV-resistant
  • Rope keeper keeps the rope organized when not in use
  • Dual 5-½-inches handles that float


  • Not recommended for beginners

How Long Should a Water Ski Rope Be?

Typically, the ideal ski rope length for beginners is about 65 feet. For intermediate riders, this length is ideally 65-75 feet, while for advanced riders, this length is around 75-85 feet.

How Strong is Ski Rope?

The strength of a ski rope varies greatly depending on its length and the manufacturer to provide adequate breaking strength. Typically, a tensile rope strength of 1500 lbs can pull a single rider of up to 170 lbs. A ski rope with a tensile strength of 4100 lbs, on the other hand, can pull up to four riders with a combined weight of 680 pounds.


Proper equipment is vital for an enjoyable experience, and water skiing is not any different. There are many aspects to consider before buying a water ski rope, but we are sure that after reading the above reviews, you will easily be able to find one that is perfect for you.

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