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Abbotsford Final Results
Pro Wakeboard & Water Ski World Cup
Presented by MasterCraft
Pro Tour Season Comes Down to Last Day

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Abbotsford, B.C. ¿ -risti Overton-Johnson and Canadian, Jaret Llewellyn took home the honor of Pro Tour Season Champion in Women¿s'Slalom and Men¿s'Ski Fly respectively at the Pro Wakeboard and Water Ski World Cup event at Albert Dyck Park.

Overton-Johnson left no doubt whom would be the Women¿s'Slalom Season Champion, taking home first place in the Women¿s'Slalom Final to pad her lead in the Indmar Pro Tour Standings.

Going into the women¿s'final both Natalie Hamrick and Jill Knutson were in striking distance of Overton-Johnson if either woman could finish first in the event while Overton-Johnson finished further back in the pack.

But, neither skier could beat Overton-Johnson on the day. Overton-Johnson was the only women¿s'finalist to complete the 38 pass, finishing at 1 buoy at 39. Knutson, Hamrick and Toni Neville finished in a tie for second with 4 @ 38.

For Llewellyn the race was much tighter for the Ski Fly Season Champion. Llewellyn dueled with Freddy Krueger for the honor. Going into Sunday¿s'Ski Fly Finals, Llewellyn led Krueger by 25 points in the Indmar Pro Tour Standings, meaning anything less than second place for Llewellyn and he would surrender the Season Championship.

Fortunately for Llewellyn, he did just what he had to win, finishing second to Krueger with a jump of 273 feet to Krueger¿s'winning jump of 282 feet.

In the Men¿s'Slalom Final Chris Parrish took home his first every Pro Tour stop victory on Sunday. Parrish has long been considered the heir apparent to Andy Mapple¿s'title as the top men¿s'slalom skier, and on Sunday Parrish proved he will be a force to reckon with next year.

Parrish was the only skier to finish the pass at 39, finishing up the day with 2 buoys at 41. For his effort, Parrish earned a top three finish in the Pro Tour Season Championship race. The Men¿s'Slalom Season Championship went to Mapple who sealed the Season Championship by virtue of his entry into the final and the absence of Jamie Beauchesne in the men¿s'final.

Wade Cox who has been nursing a back injury for most of the season, finished second to Parrish on the day with 4 ½ @ 39.

Women¿s'Slalom Finals

1 Kristi Overton Johnson (USA) 1 @ 39
2 Jill Knutson (USA) 4 @ 38
2 Toni Neville (AUS) 4 @ 38
2 Natalie Hamrick (USA) 4 @ 38
April Coble Eller(USA) 2 @ 38
Helena Kjellander (SWE) 2 @ 38
Emma Sheers (AUS) 1 1/2 @ 38
Karen Truelove (USA) 3 1/2@35

Men Slalom Finals

1 Chris Parrish (USA) 2 @ 41
2 Wade Cox (USA) 4 1/2@39
3 Drew Ross (CAN) 4 @ 39
3 Jeff Rodgers (USA) 4 @ 39
Andy Mapple (GBR) 3 @ 39
Steve Cockeram (NZE) 3 @ 39
Doug Ross (CAN) 2 @ 39
Terry Winter (USA) 2 1/2 38
Kris LaPoint (USA) 1 1/2@38
Peter Chase (USA) 1 1/2@38

Men SkiFly Finals

1 Freddy Krueger (USA) 282
2 Jaret Llewellyn (CAN) 273
3 Bruce Neville (AUS) 257
Scot Ellis (USA) 256
Kyle Eade (NZE) 233
Ben Todd (USA) 232
Ryan Green (AUS) 223

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